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International and internal mobility of migrants

Currently, there is a constant inflow of migrants to Czechia. Most of them don't settle in one place, but they move around Czechia. The internal mobility of foreigners living in Czechia is approximately 5-6 times higher than that of the majority population. Such situation can lead to internal concentration or segregation areas of migrants.

On the topic, we had one big research project called Internal mobility of foreigners (and the majority) in Czechia: concentration or diffusion processes? (Migrační vztahy cizinců a domácího obyvatelstva: koncentrační nebo difúzní procesy?), realized between 2012 and 2014. The project helped to fill in a gap in research on internal migration of migrants in Czechia and it included large data collecting among migrants from Ukraine and Vietnam. The main aim was to find the most important factors influencing internal mobility of certain migrant groups and to analyze their integration in relation to their internal mobility.

The project was funded by the Czech Grant Agency and it was realized together with the Sociological Institute of the Czech Academy of Science.