Vít Bořil

Vít Bořil

Address: Legerova 5, Praha 2, room no. 319

E-mail: borilv@natur.cuni.cz

Main research interests: attitudes towards immigrants and immigration, sanitation in developing countries, statistical data analysis


Published articles (selection)

BENDL, T., BOŘIL, V., SUCHÁNEK, J. (2020): Populismus, migrace a virtuální svět. Geografické rozhledy, 29, 5, 8–11.

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Professional experience
  • 2017 Intern in the office of a member of the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium
Current research projects

2019–2021 GA ČR Project: Sustainability of sanitation change in low- and middle-income countries

Populism, migration and the virtual world

Jonáš Suchánek, Vít Bořil (members of the Geomigrace team) and Tomáš Bendl have published an article in Geografické rozhledy about populism and migration with the focus on social media. More information can be found HERE (in Czech).

Members of our team participated in the 12th Polish-Czech-Slovak geographic seminar

Between June 12 and June 14, 2019, members of our team participated in a traditional meeting of geographers from Czechia, Poland and Slovakia. This year, the meeting was held in Lochow, Poland. The contributions of our team members were: Vít Bořil, Jonáš Suchánek:...