Lenka Pavelková, MSc.

Lenka Pavelková, MSc.

Address: Legerova 5, Praha 2, room no. 318

E-mail: lenka.pavelkova@natur.cuni.cz

Main research interests: immigration in Czechia, migrant domestic workers, care migration, migration as a subject of education

Published articles (selection)

PAVELKOVÁ, L., VALENTA, O. (2021): Problematika zdrojů dat v oblasti migrace. Geografické rozhledy, 30, 3, 30–33.

PAVELKOVÁ, L., MUSILOVÁ, M. (2020): Integrace imigrantů na lokální úrovni: případová studie Kolínsko. Geografické rozhledy, 29, 4, 26–29.

PAVELKOVÁ, L. (2019): Moldavsko a sociální remitence: dopad emigrace na společnost. Geografické rozhledy, 28, 3, 30–33.

JANUROVÁ, K., PAVELKOVÁ, L. (2018): Česko jako malá laboratoř mezinárodní migrace. Geografické rozhledy, 27, 4, 20–23.

DRBOHLAV, D., BAILEY, A., ČERMÁK, Z. ČERMÁKOVÁ, D., LOZOVANU, D., MASNÁ, E., PAVELKOVÁ, L. et al. (2017): Diversification Trends in Moldovan International Migration: Evidence from Czechia and Italy. AUC GEOGRAPHICA, 52, 2, 237–248.

Personal profiles



Professional experience
  • 2013–2016 coordinator of educational activities at the Centre for Integration of Foreigners
  • 2015 REMESO Graduate School on Migration, Ethnicity and Society: course Migration and Labour
  • 2011–2013 The Joint European Master in International Migration and Social Cohesion (MISOCO), University of Amsterdam, University of Deusto and University of Latvia

Conference Making Connections: Cooperation and Networking in Geographical Education

Between August 10 and August 13, 2021, a conference was held at the Faculty of Science (and online) on geographical education. Our team member, Lenka Pavelková, participated with other colleagues from the Faculty - they presented a poster on education in political...

IMISCOE Annual Conference

Right now, from July 7 to July 9, 2021, the 18th IMISCOE Annual Conference is being held online. Several members of our team also participate in this prestigious events with the following contributions: Dušan Drbohlav and Dagmar Dzúrová: Social remittances and...

Local integration of immigrants: the Kolín region

A new article by Lenka Pavelková (our team) and Michala Musilová (Centre for Integration of Foreigners) was published in Geografické rozhledy, a journal aimed at teachers of geography. The article deals with local integration of immigrants in the Kolín region where...

Annual IMISCOE conference

The annual IMISCOE conference was held between June 26 and June 28, 2019, in Malmö, Sweden. Members of our team presented the following contributions: Eva Janská, Zdeněk Čermák, Dušan Drbohlav: Transnational lives of labour migrants as a factor of their integration...

Members of our team participated in the 12th Polish-Czech-Slovak geographic seminar

Between June 12 and June 14, 2019, members of our team participated in a traditional meeting of geographers from Czechia, Poland and Slovakia. This year, the meeting was held in Lochow, Poland. The contributions of our team members were: Vít Bořil, Jonáš Suchánek:...

Moldova and social remittances

Within our research on Moldovan migration and social remittances, we have just published an article on the topic in Geografické rozhledy, a Czech journal aimed at geography teachers and students. The article by Lenka Pavelková is based on the research conducted within...