Right now, from July 7 to July 9, 2021, the 18th IMISCOE Annual Conference is being held online. Several members of our team also participate in this prestigious events with the following contributions:

Dušan Drbohlav and Dagmar Dzúrová: Social remittances and interpersonal communication between Moldovan migrants and their families and peers

Dušan Drbohlav, Zdeněk Čermák and Dita Čermáková (with Dana Hamplová): Migrants’ human values in the EU countries in the first and second generation

Eva Janská: What kind of gap is between EU labour market demand and potential of foreign labour force? An example of Ukrainian labour migration to the European Union (and mainly to Czechia)

Ondřej Valenta (with Marie Jelínková): Database of integration project as a unique tool to assess integration activities

Lenka Pavelková: Work trajectories of migrant domestic workers in Czechia

The programme of the conference is available HERE.