Populism, migration and the virtual world

Populism, migration and the virtual world

Jonáš Suchánek, Vít Bořil (members of the Geomigrace team) and Tomáš Bendl have published an article in Geografické rozhledy about populism and migration with the focus on social media. More information can be found HERE (in Czech).

Students-foreigners in the classroom

New publication “Students-foreigners in the classroom” was published by a group of authors including Jiří Hasman from the Geomigrace team. Find more information HERE (the book is in Czech).

Local integration of immigrants: the Kolín region

A new article by Lenka Pavelková (our team) and Michala Musilová (Centre for Integration of Foreigners) was published in Geografické rozhledy, a journal aimed at teachers of geography. The article deals with local integration of immigrants in the Kolín region where...


IOM Summer School on Migration Studies 2020

The IOM Summer School on Migration Studies is held in Prague from August 24 to August 28, 2020, in cooperation with our research centre. Among the speakers, you can find Dušan Drbohlav and Eva Janská, the members of our team. This year, it is possible to follow the...

Ekofrukt excursion to Slaný

Cherry-picking was a great start to the day thanks to the Geomigrace team who organised this one-day excursion to Slaný on Tuesday 16/06/2020, attended by a group of bachelors and doctoral students of geography at our faculty. After meeting the boss of the orchards,...