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List of publications in English and French (selection)

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Working Papers 

DRBOHLAV, D. (2008): The Assistance System of Employment of Ukrainians in the Czech Republic. Discussion Paper. Hodnotící zpráva připravená pro program “Mutual Learning Programme of the European Employment Strategy“ (zadavatel: European Commission – DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities), organizováno ÖSB Consulting (Rakousko) ve spolupráci s Institute for Employment Studies (Velká Británie) a BICEPS (Lotyšsko). Final Report. Mutual Learning Program of the European Employment Strategy in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, pp. 37-52. 

DRBOHLAV, D., LACHMANOVÁ, L. (2008): The Czech Republic. Závěrečná výzkumná zpráva projektu „Clandestino“ koordinovaném „Hellenic Foundation of European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) v Aténách (v rámci 6. RP EK).

DRBOHLAV, D., LACHMANOVÁ, L. (2008): The Czech Republic. Country Report on national data collection systems and practices. Výzkumná zpráva v rámci projektu PROMINSTAT (6. RP EK), koordinovaného ICMPD ve Vídni. 

DRBOHLAV, D., MEDOVÁ, L. (2008): The Czech Republic. Country report prepared for the research project CLANDESTINO Undocumented Migration: Counting the Uncountable. Data and Trend Across Europe. 

DRBOHLAV, D., LACHMANOVÁ-MEDOVÁ, L. (2008a): Country Reports on National Data Collection Systems and Practices - the Czech Republic. PROMINSTAT report.