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Monothematic issue of the journal Geografie was published in December 2011. (in Czech language only)

Content: Geografie, Vol. 116, 2011, No. 4.

STOJANOV, R., STRIELKOWSKI, W., DRBOHLAV, D. (2011): Labour migration and remittances: current trends in times of economic recession. pp. 375-400.

DRBOHLAV, D. (2011): Immigration and integration of foreigners in Czechia: some thoughts on the country’s migration transition form a David to a near Goliath. pp 401-421.

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MEDOVÁ, L. (2011): Return or Stay? The Aspirations of Irregularly Working Immigrant. pp. 462-470.

JANSKÁ, E., PRŮŠVICOVÁ, A., ČERMÁK, Z. (2011): Possibilities for Researching the Integration of Vietnamese Children in Czechia: The Example of Prague-Kunratice Elementary School. pp.480-496.

KUŠNIRÁKOVÁ, T., ČIŽINSKÝ, P. (2011): Twenty Years of Czech Migration Policy: Liberal, Restrictive or Something Different? pp. 497-517.