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Civic engagement of migrants

Civic engagement, including political participation, forms a significant part of migrants’ lives. It marks an important form of integration, from the perspective of the individual migrant, as well as that of the countries of origin and settlement. In the definition we work with, civic engagement represents a set of the migrant’s activities and identifications in relation to the society s/he lives in, or which s/he has some (long-lasting) attachments to. Those include primarily the volume, character and intensity of both formal and informal interpersonal ties, the extent and nature of his/her media consumption, membership and activity in different types of associations and clubs, communal engagement, and varied forms of political participation. The core of this definition is formed by the concept of „social capital“.

The topic of migrant civic engagement is being researched in the case of Czech migrants in the United Kingdom (more about the project) , which is our only running project focusing on Czech migrants (another one is being prepared in collaboration with prof. J. Sládková, University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA).


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