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Many migrants migrate to a different country only or mostly to earn money and to send/bring a part of them (sometimes a major part) to their families in their country of origin. Such money are called remittances. But remittances do not include only finances or good, but also social remittances, i.e. social, cultural, behavioral aspects of migrants' experience abroad. Within our research of migration, we try to answer multiple research questions: What is the structure of remittances? How much do migrants send home and what means do they use? How often is money send? What are the lives of remitting migrants? How are the remittances used in countries of origin? 
The research on remittances is currently a major focus for us. We have been researching this topic since 2010 (GAČR Remittances 2009) when we started the research on Ukrainian migrants. Later we started researching also Moldovan migrants for whom we compare their strategies between Italy and Czechia (GAČR Remittances 2016). In 2014, these topics were accompanied by a smaller project on Georgia
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