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Future of migration to Czechia

There are many factors that influence migration flows to Czechia, both in short and long-term. There are factors on the side of the countries of origin, called push factors (e. g. economic and political situation, environmental changes), and there are factors on the side of Czechia, called pull factors - economic situation, labour market, political stability, immigration policy, etc.

Our research team has been doing research on the future of migration flows since 2012 when we had two research projects on migration within Central and Eastern Europe. The first one was the EASTmig project (2012-2013) on migration flows from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldavia and Georgia. The second one focused on development of migration flows after abolition of so called Schengen visa (short-term) for Ukraine, Moldavia and Belarus (more about the project is here). The results of both projects are summarized in the book Forecasting migration between the EU, V4 and Eastern Europe. Impact of visa aboliton. OSW Report (2014).

Currently, we are working on the project called Ukraine's migration monitoring: forced and labour mobility (2015-2016). The project is aimed at systematic monitoring of current migration dynamics in Ukraine (both internal and international migration, particularly to V4 and the EU) resulted from Crimea annexation and armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine. It will investigate both qualitative and quantitative (where possible) characteristics of forced migration and accompanying economic-driven migration. It will also present policy recommendations for the V4 governments, EU institutions and Ukrainian government.
The project is coordinated by our research team and it is funded by the International Visegrad Fund.
The project partners are:
Research Centre of the Slovak Foreign Policy (Slovakia)
Centre for Eastern Studies (Poland)
Europe without Barriers (Ukraine)

Main investigator: Dušan Drbohlav
Project coordinator: Dita Čermáková
Outputs of the project

1.  Monthly reports (the actual report every month) monitoring the situation of Ukrainian forced migrants in the V4, EU and Ukraine.


2.  Books (more information about the books)


3.  Final conferences in Warsaw (13th of September 2016) and Bratislava (14th of September 2016). Presentations from the conferences available here. For photos see our facebook

Research was supported by the International Visegrad Fund.



Part of the reseach team in Bratislava 14/09/2016