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Eva Janská, Ph.D.

assistant professor, researcher





phone number: (+420) 221 95 13 96



  • international migration
  • migration policy
  • integration/adaptation of migrants into majority society
  • integration/adaptation of the second generation of migrants in Czechia


Professional career

  • 1994 – 2002 PhD. studies in “regional and political geopraphy” at the Faculty of Science,  Charles University in Prague
  • 1989 – 1990  Master studies in “geography and cartography” at the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague


Visits abroad

  • 2005 Universidad de Sevilla, Spain; Erasmus-Socrates teaching internship
  • 2004 Universidad de Sevilla, Spain; Erasmus-Socrates teaching internship
  • 1999  NIDI, Haag, the Netherlands
  • 1997  University of Oslo, Norway; Summer school in economic migration
  • 1997  Warsaw University, Poland; excursion of social geography
  • 1995  Faculty of Arts, Minash University, Melbourne, Austrálie; five-month doctoral internship



  • Geography of migration and integration
  • Latin America


Membership in scientific institutions

  • Member of the Czech Geographical Society



Main researcher

Cooperation on projects


List of publications in English (selection)

  • JANSKÁ, E., BERNARD, J. (2018): Mobility and the Assimilation of Immigrants: Variations in Migration Patterns of Ukrainians and Vietnamese in the Czech Republic. Moravian Geographical Reports, 26, 4, s. 244-253. 
  • SVOBODOVÁ, A., JANSKÁ, E. (2016): Identity Development Among  Youth of Vietnamese Descent in the Czech Republic. In: Contested Childhood: Growing up in Migrancy. IMISCOE Research Series, pp 121-137. Available for download HERE.
  • JANSKÁ, E., ČERMÁK, Z., WRIGHT, R. (2013): New Immigrant Destinations in a New Country of Immigration: Settlement Patterns of Non-natives in the Czech Republic. Population, Space and Place.
  • DRBOHLAV, D., JANSKÁ, E. (2009): Illegal Economic and Transit Migration in the Czech Republic (Intensive Study of Individual Migrants´ Behaviour). Europe-Asia Studies, Vol. 61, No. 1, pp. 141-156.
  • DRBOHLAV, D., MEDOVÁ-LACHMANOVÁ, L., JANSKÁ, E., DZÚROVÁ, D., ČERMÁKOVÁ, D., ČERMÁK, Z. (2009):. Irregular economic activities of migrants in the Czech Republic. International Migration Papers No. 94, International labour office – Geneva, 77 p.
  • DRBOHLAV, D., DZÚROVÁ, D., ČERMÁK, Z., JANSKÁ, E., ČERMÁKOVÁ, D., MEDOVÁ, L. (2008): Immigrants´ Irregular Economic Activities in the Czech Republic (a Multi-Approach Study), Transfer - The European Review of Labour and Research, Vol. 14, No. 4, pp. 639-652.
  • JANSKÁ, E., DRBOHLAV, D.: (2008): The Czech Republic. In: Hönekopp, E., Mattila, H. Permanent or Circular Migration? Policy Choices to Address Demographic Decline and Labour Shortages in Europe. Budapešť, International Organization for Migration, pp. 35-72.
  • DRBOHLAV, D., HORÁKOVÁ, M., JANSKÁ, E. (2005): The Czech Republic. In: Current Immigration Debates in Europe; A Publication of the European Migration Dialogue. Niessen J., Schibel, Y., Thompson, C. (eds.). Brussels, Migration Policy Group, pp. 65-94.