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New article on Moldovan migration to Czechia and Italy

December,  2017 - The academic journal AUC Geographica has just published the new article with the title "Diversification trends in Moldovan International migration: Evidence from Czechia and Italy". Among the authors, you can find more members of our research centre: Dušan Drbohlav, Zdeněk Čermák, Dita Čermáková, Lenka Pavelková, Markéta Seidlová, Ondřej Valenta. The article was written within our project supported by the Czech Grant Agency "Moldovans in Prague (Czechia) and Turin (Italy). It deals in detail with the current Moldovan emigration with focus on migration to Czechia and Italy. The article was written in collaboration with our partners in Italy and Moldova. 
The article is available HERE